Wildly Intuitive: Women Gone Wild Embraces Inner Wisdom

Wildly Intuitive: Women Gone Wild Embraces Inner Wisdom

Inner wisdom and intuition in women are like hidden strengths, almost like having a secret power. It’s that gut feeling that helps you know right from wrong, even if you can’t explain it. Trusting intuition is like following a built-in compass through life’s ups and downs. It’s not just about logic; it’s about feeling and understanding things deeply. This inner wisdom gives women courage and helps them make wise choices, especially when facing challenges.

Acknowledging the profound influence of intuition in shaping women’s narratives and fostering empowerment, Rhonda Swan, CEO of Unstoppable Branding Agency, introduces the groundbreaking “Women Gone Wild” book series, With this insight, she unveils the innovative “Women Gone Wild” book series, intricately threading intuition throughout its narrative.

“Women Gone Wild” emerges as a transformative movement, uniting, inspiring, and empowering women through the art of storytelling. Anchored in the core values of Wealth, Intuition, Leadership, and Diversity, this WILD movement, as Rhonda elaborates, mirrors the ethos of renowned series like ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ but with a distinct focus on empowering women. Garnering accolades from prestigious platforms such as Forbes, USA Today, and global media outlets, the series commences with the “Wealth” edition in 2023, followed by “Intuition” in 2024, “Leadership” in 2025, and “Diversity” in 2026. Distributed worldwide by Brown Books Publishing, these volumes grace the shelves of leading retailers across the globe, each featuring narratives, insights, and wisdom from 25 diverse women.

The Upcoming “Intuition” Edition

The eagerly awaited launch of the ‘Intuition’ edition in June draws near, with exciting reveals planned in Times Square and extensive media coverage in Los Angeles and Florida. This edition represents a profound exploration of women’s intuition, serving as a beacon of empowerment in our ongoing discourse. It reminds us of our innate power and beckons readers to embrace their intuition, unleash their inner WILD woman, and lead lives in alignment with their true selves.

Within the pages of the ‘Intuition’ edition lies a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Diverse authors share their collective wisdom, inviting women everywhere to connect with their inner selves and fellow WILD women, igniting a ripple of change. This isn’t just a book; it’s a shared odyssey of rediscovery. Each author brings a unique perspective, enriching the tapestry of narratives with insights that guide readers towards empowerment and self-realization.

Jules Schroeder, Founder of Unconventional Life, speaks to the unifying power of this book, inspiring women globally to embrace their intuition and live authentically. Ultimately, these narratives aim to remind readers of their inherent light and worth. By journey’s end, readers will not only grasp the essence of their intuition but also trust it, allowing it to illuminate their path towards authenticity and fulfillment. Intuition is indeed a gift; when fully embraced, its potential for guiding us towards spiritual growth and self-discovery knows no bounds.

Authors of “Women Gone Wild” – Intuition Edition:

Andrea Bell, Beate Nimsky, Diana Wentworth, Erika Peña, Hanalei Swan, Hilary DeCesare, Lady JB Owen, Kara Nance, Kendra Davies, Kenya Roberson, Kortney Murray, Lisa Stafford, Alicia Berg & Anna Nowak, Jet Van Wijk, Patti Negri, Penney Peirce, Reena Merchant, Rhonda Swan, Robin Mullin, Sophie Zollmann, Stefanie Bruns, Stephanie Jaie, Terri Britt, Tristen Durkin


Published By: Aize Perez in Net Worth