Beate Nimsky, author of several books and acclaimed seminar facilitator, shows with appealing clarity how this is possible, and how wishes can come true and results can be attained by using open and transforming questions.


In her easy and light-hearted manner, she combines illustrative stories from her life with the necessary background knowledge in an impressive 220 questions covering the areas of self-determination, self empowerment, going beyond self criticism, body, health, staying biologically young, money, sales, relationship, difficulties, conclusions, control, creating creativity and life forms.

There are general questions everyone is familiar with. The questions laid out in this book, however, are phrased in such as way as to awaken and activate your inherent powers, hereto unacknowledged capacities and all related information fields.


New questions, most probably never before asked, serve to broaden your horizon in how you think, feel and act. These include questions for in the morning to contribute to a successful day and questions for the night that assist in clearing and providing a restful sleep.


A special clearing statement is explained and this helps you to let go of limiting habits and thought patterns, so that life becomes more free, easy and happy!


“What else is possible?“


The Whisper of Awareness in Business and Insight

Beate Nimsky on the Rhonda Swan Show

Beate Nimsky has been practicing energy work, healthy nutrition and consciousness for over thirty years. In 1986, she moved to the car rental company interRent as sales manager for Bavaria.


With a participative and motivating management style, she succeeded in leading the existing sales team, which had been the lowest turnover in Germany, to second place within one year with an almost 40% increase in turnover.


In 1989, Beate Nimsky decided to become self-employed. She did not want to go along with the new direction of interRent with the merger with Europcar, which she accompanied internally, despite the tempting offer to move to the management in Hamburg.


Through the “time out” due to the car accident in 1987, it had gradually become clear to her that her natural ability to manage people was a talent to which she consciously devoted herself in various ways.


On the one hand, she underwent various leadership trainings over the years, including Mastery University with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy’s Leadership and Sales Program, and training as a Senior Facilitator with Chinese Master Mantak Chia and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness. And on the other hand, she learned how to use pragmatic diagnostic tools for personality and competence development, studied for two and a half years alongside her self-employment to complete her Master of Science degree, and successively built up her company.


Together with her husband Martin Nimsky, she founded the “Institute for Intrinsic Competence”, which has set itself the task of enabling people to access their innermost potential, to find out about blockages and to dissolve them, so that they can live their individual talent.


However, she is not only booked for leadership trainings to build up relationship competence at C-level or coaching for board members, but also for strategy conferences in which she gives impulses for vision and mission development and adapts and moderates them to the orientation of the company. In doing so, she accompanies companies from a wide range of industries, such as white goods, automotive, engineering, credit unions and financial services companies, real estate, horticulture and mobile homes, as well as food retail.


Her personal motto is: BAM – Business Anders Machen (Business Done Different). Integrative, participative, appreciative, focused, success- and result-oriented, supportive and with a lot of fun and love for life.