Top 10 Men and Women Business Leaders Transforming Industries: The Power Players of 2024

Top 10 Men and Women Business Leaders Transforming Industries: The Power Players of 2024

Step into the forefront of success! In a world propelled by innovation and visionary thinking, leadership is undergoing a transformation fueled by exceptional individuals. Among them stand pioneers whose distinctive leadership styles have not only revamped industries but also set an unprecedented benchmark for excellence in business. Join us as we unveil the top 10 men and women shaping industries in 2024. These influential figures aren’t just breaking barriers; they’re revolutionizing the way we perceive business, setting new standards, and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Get ready to meet the trailblazers driving change and transforming the future of industries in this exclusive feature!

CEO The Sculpted Vegan and visionary behind Only Fitness
Category Entrepreneurship

Kim Constable, CEO of The Sculpted Vegan and visionary behind Only Fitness, has redefined fitness entrepreneurship. With her leadership, she’s propelled the world’s largest online vegan bodybuilding company to over $30 million in revenue. Recognizing the barriers hindering fitness influencers, Kim invested $1 million and two years to create Only Fitness, the industry’s first social marketplace app, set to launch in January 2024. Her mission? To democratize online fitness by removing cost and time barriers, empowering aspiring influencers worldwide. Kim Constable isn’t just a CEO; she’s a trailblazer revolutionizing how we approach fitness entrepreneurship.

CEO of M1NT Dubai
TV & Media

Spencer Tarring is a dynamic figure blending business expertise with artistic flair. His journey commenced in 1997 with a tech venture that transformed into a major hosting provider, achieving a remarkable exit sale in 2008 worth over £20 million. Simultaneously, his passion for music led him to excel in London’s DJ scene, culminating in a residency at China Whites nightclub and the expansion of ‘The DJ Agency’ to corporate events. As co-leader of Engagetech Ltd, he specialized in lead generation for industry giants. Relocating to Shanghai in 2012, he shaped the city’s nightlife at M1NT Shanghai, establishing himself as a prominent DJ and influencer. Spencer’s global experiences, from Bali to Shanghai, have enriched his understanding of cultures and trends.

CEOs of Bambu Fitness Bali, WanderFit Retreats, and Bambu Training
Category Wellness and Holistic Medicine

Carrie and Will Henke, CEOs of Bambu Fitness Bali, WanderFit Retreats, and Bambu Training, lead with a shared vision for holistic wellness. Their ventures, like WanderFit Retreats and Bambu Fitness Bali, embody their commitment to community, health, and transformative experiences. Through Bambu Training, their online platform, they’re trailblazing accessibility in fitness. Join their journey toward wellness and adventure, guided by their expertise and passion in the industry.

TV personality and creator of “Wake Up with Marci” show
TV & Media

Marci Hopkins, a celebrated TV personality and the mastermind behind “Wake Up with Marci,” a three-time Telly Award-winning talk show, is also an accomplished author, public speaker, recovery expert, media trainer, and devoted mother of two. Her expertise in recovery has left a profound impact on audiences nationwide through appearances on Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC. Catch her show live on CBS-owned WLNY-TV 10/55, CBS Palm Springs, and ABC Idaho Falls, or stream it on Hulu Live and FuboTV. Marci’s dedication extends beyond TV, guiding others through her personal journey of overcoming alcoholism and supporting charitable causes like the Kumali Organization in Uganda and creating safe spaces for women in New Jersey. Her impactful work has garnered widespread recognition and accolades.

Founder of Stang Life, LLCby Beauty and the Stang
Retail and E-Commerce

Sandy Rancatore, founder of Stang Life by Beauty and the Stang, and known as Mustang Sandy, embodies class and resilience. Born in LA to parents entrenched in architecture and education, her journey spans real estate, modeling, and entrepreneurship. Despite early dreams of modeling, Sandy prioritized education, later venturing into commercial asset management in real estate, drawing from her father’s influence as an architect. Juggling motherhood, studies, and career, she built successful ventures in both industries. Through challenges and demands of motherhood, Sandy’s determination never wavered. Embracing an assertive approach to modeling while excelling in real estate, she stands tall as a symbol of relentless pursuit, illustrating unwavering commitment to her dreams despite life’s twists. Her story epitomizes resilience and an unyielding drive for personal and professional success.

CEO of True Medical Aesthetics PLLC,
Aesthetics and Holistic Wellness

Tristen Durkin, RN-BSN, leads True Medical Aesthetics PLLC, a pioneering medical spa & wellness clinic in Avon, Connecticut. Beginning her professional career inmental health and as a wound-care nurse, she ventured into medical aesthetics and quickly became recognized for her talent and expertise in addressing common aging and skin concerns. Her passion for science and beauty, dedication to empower and lift others up, particularly after a series of personal tragic losses & grief, facilitated a new concept in the medical aesthetic industry that emphasized connection, authenticity and breaking the stigma commonly associated with medspas. With the understanding that beauty is not solely about physical appearance, but rather a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit, True Medical Aesthetics has created a safe and nurturing environment where clients can embark on a transformative journey towards self-love and self-expression while receiving honest, quality medical grade services. Tristen shares her expertise through publications and industry mentorship.

Founder of RWM, LLC
Education, wellness and coaching

Michelle Beltran, founder of RWM, LLC, is a leading intuitive expert and transformation coach. With a best-selling author status and global recognition, she’s an authority in spirituality, specializing in intuitive functioning and mindset coaching. Featured in USA Today, Forbes, and Hay House World Summit, her podcast, “The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice,” impacts thousands worldwide. As a performance mindset coach and former professional cyclist, Michelle is breaking barriers as she returns to the elite women’s ranks at over 50. This ambassador of the ageless athlete is passionate about mind and body wellness, imparting her clients with key holistic health principles and strategies that give rise to the greatest version of themselves through their athletic endeavors. Michelle states, “We are limitless. It is my goal to help my clients access their untapped potential through the power of the subconscious mind.”

CEO and Founder of Nimsky Academy
Education and Coaching

Beate Nimsky, a renowned coach and CEO and Founder of Nimsky Academy, is a guiding force in Germany’s consultancy landscape for over 30 years. Author of “Ask and Create Your Life,” she specializes in empowering board members and entrepreneurs through personal development, especially post-mergers. Her expertise extends to coaching women in entrepreneurship, helping them overcome self-doubt and excel amidst external pressures. With over a decade of energy work and meditation practice alongside Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Beate seamlessly integrates transformative techniques into her coaching. Her unique approach opens doors to profound personal and professional growth.

CEO of Wigs For Every Woman and Heather Dye Coaching
Education and Coaching

Heather Dye is the CEO of Wigs For Every Woman and Heather Dye Coaching. Her passion lies in empowering women to find the confidence they need to conquer the world in life and business.

With a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs her flagship program Accelerate Your Life makes mentorship affordable and accessible for all seeking to grow their business, brand or self.

Believing in the power of self-confidence, Heather has defied naysayers and built a thriving community serving thousands of women daily through her businesses. Despite initial skepticism, Heather’s unwavering belief in herself and her vision has propelled her companies into two successful years, offering support and transformation to women seeking confidence and empowerment.

10/ Kenya Roberson
Elite Garment Distro Inc.

For over a decade, Kenya has thrived in the clothing wholesale industry. Beginning with Herve Leger, she styled and sold dresses while venturing into freelance modeling, connecting with industry leaders. Transitioning to a wholesale company specializing in exports, she amassed vast industry knowledge, particularly in logistics. Her passion for high-end brands persisted from her time in LA’s fashion scene, leading her to establish Elite Garment Distro. This company not only excels in wholesale and export logistics but also prioritizes strong brand awareness. Alongside her business journey, Kenya’s philanthropic efforts have flourished, extending to both local community initiatives and global humanitarian projects.

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