Are you already successful but now you seek true inner joy?


Extraordinary success requires extraordinary energy and extraordinary thinking…


You don’t have to believe in miracles – you are it.

If one of the following questions applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place!


• Would you like advice, support, inspiration, and impulses in order to develop yourself further?
• Would you like to gain clarity on issues in your professional or personal environment and break new ground?
• You need a Sounding board to sort yourself and/or to exchange ideas because you are at the top and don’t trust anyone around you?
• Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and are you looking for a safe space to show weakness and emotionality and then stand strong on the outside again?
• Do you have sensitive topics that you otherwise do not dare to talk about?
• Do you need more energy and looking for inner joy?

"The moment you raise your consciousness and realize that you are an infinite being with all possibilities, inner joy and success in life expands."

The Quantum Leap Coaching

Being You can change the world


With your commitment, you belong to the 10% of the population who make a difference. The dark side of this is that many people around you don’t understand what it means to be different, to think different thoughts and what strength it takes to deal with resistance from outside – be it from family or colleagues.


Therefore, over many years we have researched the spiritual and cosmic principles and found ways to accompany and encourage people to embrace and actively use their intuition and being different in order to be able to make their contribution to society in joy.

These are your benefits:

  • You will find your own way to the defined goal or generally to inner freedom, contentment and joy and learn to walk it alone and to live it powerfully.
  • You will learn how to use a wide variety of mind-expanding methods to achieve your personal goals.
  • Already during our sessions you will increase your energy and you will have every possibilitiy to keep your personal energy level high afterwards as well.
  • 5h private sessions by arrangement
  • Personal and discreet
  • Guided and individual process
  • Available 3 days after booking
  • 12 months of private VIP coaching in which the family can be involved
  • 5 days in person at a place of your choice
  • Weekly 1.5 hour sessions via Zoom or phone
  • Personality analysis - also for the partner inclusive detailed workbook
  • Unlimited emails/voice messages
  • Individually tailored documents
  • Results orientation
  • Personal and discreet
  • Available 7 days after booking
  • 3 months private coaching
  • Weekly 1 hour sessions via zoom or phone
  • 1 day of personal coaching at the place of your choice
  • Personality analysis and interpretation
  • Workbook
  • Available 7 days after booking