The Happiness Guru

The Happiness Guru

by Nigel Simmonds


Counting the Beate … two, three, four, five … founder and CEO of Nimsky Academy, Beate Nimsky just wants you to be happy.

No matter how successful you think you are, author, former business manager, and current life coach, Beate Nimsky, has a question for you: are you happy?

Because, Beate says, if you lack joy in your life and your work – regardless of your status within an organization – that can drag you down and limit your personal horizons.  “I worked in management in corporations for 10 years and experienced how people are treated, especially during a merger,”

Beate says.
“People’s frustration and loss of productivity due to a lack of joy was obvious. I’ve always wondered how to change that.”

Crash, Bang, Boom

In the midst of a successful corporate career, Beate was involved in a serious traffic accident that left her physically injured and psychologically distressed. Her five-month convalescence led Beate to question life’s priorities.
“During this time, I learned from my doctor how homeopathy works.  He also sent me to the Chinese QiGong grandmaster Mantak Chia, from whom I learned how to activate my life energy, to heal myself and to feel a lot of joy inside. That was the start of a new way of life, which led me to self-employment two years later,” Beate says.
“I found that activating life energy is one of the keys to happiness and success. That is why I have trained myself in the Taoist energy practices over 10 years with Master Mantak Chia. I combine his knowledge and techniques with many other leadership tools to empower people.”

Conscious Leader Coaching System

Beate coalesced Eastern meditation and martial practice with Western metrics for successful business management to develop a system that empowers women who might question their place in the world.

“The Conscious Leader Coaching System is a proven system that you can use for many years. The program is designed to take out the emotional stress and anxiety of not being good enough,” she says.

“You will be supported and empowered to build your business in your own way. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already started building a business or if you’re just starting out with an idea. We help you to integrate this system into your life so that you can be a successful entrepreneur.”  It is a personalized system that will help people discover, develop and implement their unique talents and ideas so they can successfully shape a business and a life that suits them.

Step-by-step learning with weekly personal coaching with Beate and her team will help integrate what you have learnt so you can master your change and business development.  “To build business success it takes perseverance and changed approaches. Including recognizing and
transforming ingrained patterns, solving blockages, and changing inhibiting habits,” Beate says.

In addition to an initial three-month program, the Conscious Leader Coaching System offers individual one-on-one sessions in the areas of personal assessment, recognition, and resolution of emotional, mental, and energetic blockages, as well as energy activation and transformation.

Stepping Up

Do you wake up happy every day? Or do you wake up with worry, judgment and anxiety weighing you down and keeping you stuck and unhappy?

The first step to happiness is gratitude. What if you were grateful for everything you have experienced in life so far? Grateful for the so-called good and beautiful as well as the bad and ugly.

Beate says: “The first step of gratitude is not about evaluating, but about being thankful to yourself that you have mastered everything up to this point. When you’re grateful, you don’t need to compare yourself to anything or anyone. Stop comparing yourself to others.

“Being grateful that you are alive, being grateful that you can make a difference, being grateful for your body gives you the energy for your next steps.”

The second step in the Conscious Leader Coaching System, speaks to the natural vibrational (biotonus) state of your body.  Beate says: “Imagine all your cells vibrating in a harmonious rhythm in accordance with the universal energy. Every step feels like a light dance, like floating.

Our bodies are the most wonderful instruments on this planet. It is our soul’s home in this reality.  “Your breath plays a big role in this. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply into your lower abdomen for at least 10 breaths. With each breath you draw the energy from the pelvic area up to your brain and breathe out very slowly into the earth. This alone brings relaxation and calm to your whole system because the sympathetic nerve, which is always driven by external perception, is not activated at this time.

“That’s when you can step out of your drama and truly become the creator of your own experiences. When you are in your heart and smile into it again and again, situations that normally trigger you and trigger strong emotions like anger or envy are transformed. You stop
being a slave to your emotions.”

Staying Happy

How do you think about yourself, about life?

Have you ever thought that you are an infinite being that exists without limits?

From whom did you adopt your assumptions and beliefs that limit you?

What beliefs do you avoid or defend that keep you from at least trying what might be possible for you?

Happiness is a choice, says Beate. You decide whether you want to believe people who see a problem in everything and everyone and would rather not start something new because it could go wrong. You decide whether you want to compare yourself and take back your skills, or whether you step out of your comfort zone and live life bravely.  Beate says: “When you doubt yourself, when you think you can’t do something that you would like to do, you can always ask yourself: would an infinite being choose doubt? Would an infinite being choose restraint? What would an infinite being choose instead?

You will discover how truly powerful you are, and how much strength, clarity and focus were within you all the time. You will begin to tap into your true potential to shape, form and create your reality.”