People Rise to the Occasion for Those Who Believe in Them

People Rise to the Occasion for Those Who Believe in Them

Most people have spent their life looking at the wrongness, the past, and all the things that don’t work. Seldom do they look at the future and what will actually work. What kind of future would you like to create? What would change for you if you focused your attention on that?

Create your future

What are you doing your business for? To earn money? To get out of debt? To feed your family? To change the world and every person you come in contact with? To have fun? Be honest to yourself: What does business mean to you?

If you truly wish to generate success in your life and home business, you need to look at what you are going to generate today and in the future. Generating is being the charge that keeps everything running. You are the generator, you are the one that keeps everything running. You will generate in different areas of your life if you are coming from question and from joy.

So, ask yourself: “What do I want?” And this has nothing to do with a fix goal in a specific time. Instead, it has to do with: “What would I like my life to look like?” For example: “I would like to work with supportive people. I would like to always do something that never bored me. I would like to do something that actually is helpful for families or businesspeople or the world. I’d like to make at least XY$ a year.” If you ask yourself these kind of questions, you are on your way to creating what really works for you, and not what others think you should or could do.

If you write down what your life for you could look like, you could go over each sentence to determine if each point makes you feel lighter or heavier. If it’s lighter, then go for it. This is the first step to start believing in yourself.

Do what you love

There are three different ways to look at that.

  1. Find your passion and do what you love.
  2. Love what you do.
  3. Commit to something.

For most people the passion is difficult to find. They normally ask: “What am I passionate about? I can’t find something. I am not educated in something special. I love to play tennis or to walk my dog. This could never be a business.” Are you sure? What would it take to create a product or service around that what you love? You would be connected with that what you love all the time. You could ask yourself: “What part of me do I not acknowledge which I do so well that I don’t value it as friends of mine do?” For you something what you really enjoy doing is so ‘normal’ that you never think about creating a business out of it. Here is the secret: When you have a smile on your face doing something you love, you’re going to succeed!

Love what you do even there are some things you don’t like. Find a way to look at those things as: “What can I be or do different that would allow me to have fun with that?” Or: “What does that mean in five years from now?” Most of the time the answer is: nothing. Ok then choose to do it right now and not to waver any longer. Don’t argue and waste time in making it a problem. What if everything you define as a problem could be a new possibility?

Commit to something means, you choose to do something without knowing exactly what your outcome will be. You just choose and start. And when it fits with your energy of what you want your life to be like you’ll find your passion or the other way around, the passion finds you and follows you. Many people do not choose to start doing something because they’re afraid to make a mistake. They think they’re going to choose wrongly and waste years committing to something. You’re not! You are going to learn what it takes to choose, and you learn how many possibilities will emerge out of the blue, which you could not have perceived without. All you have to do is choose and commit. If it’s the thing that does not fit to your energy, that will reveal itself to you. And you know what – if you choose you are going to commit to your life. Are you willing to commit to your life no matter what?

Never give up

Many people give up before they reach success. If you say: “Oh this will be difficult.” Or “I don’t think this is going to work,” – you just killed it. If you say: “That’s going to be great,” – you just killed it. Why? Because when you come to the conclusion: “it’s going to be great,” you’re actually not putting your awareness in the right direction – you stop creation and you stop generating. Instead ask: “What else is possible?“ You’ve got to live from the ‘What else is possible?’ point of view. You have to be in the question always, such as:

  • “What else is possible that I did not consider?”
  • “What else could I do or be to make this happen?”
  • “What can I do to increase my sales?”
  • “What can I be, do, have, create or generate today that will generate and create more business now and in the future?”
  • “What has to change here?”

You have to recognize when you give up. When you go out to some place and say: “oh that went badly,” or “that went well,” you just gave up. You just quit because it’s already final from your point of view. Don’t come to a conclusion about anything. Only say: “How does it get any better than that?” You have to live from no conclusion, no judgment and no computation because the ultimate give up is when you come to a conclusion and judgment about anything.

If you never give up, you never have to give in to the conclusions and the judgments of others. It will make you a kinder person and a more successful person by withholding abrupt criticism. And then you never quit anything because you always are in creation. Never give up, never give in, never quit. Be the creator of your life.