How to Find Your Own Message and Delivery Style

How to Find Your Own Message and Delivery Style

What is the one thing that you do well with ease that you’re not currently placing enough value in?

As an entrepreneur, leader or consultant you have at least one area of your personality a talent which is so “normal” to you that you don’t think about. For you this behavior or talent comes so easily to you that you never took into consideration exploring it as a  gift, one that others may not possess, and an avenue to gain financial liberations with.

The question, What is the one thing that you do well with ease that you’re not currently placing enough value in? is one that I was never asked. In fact, throughout my childhood I was silenced by my parents. Why? Because I was too loud, too outgoing, and very happy being in front of others performing a song or a dance. Overall, I was just too much. After years of being told I was wrong for being me, I eventually developed a habit of shutting down. I carried this habit into adulthood until a good friend pointed out to me, “You have no voice. You ask too little. “ So I made the decision to find it. My voice. And to really use it.


Dare to be different

Each one of us, no matter who our parents are, where we live or how much education we have, has the potential to shape our lives in ways that will bring us the success we long for. That is, if there is the willingness to succeed. What are the ingredients of being different?

  1. Get over the tendency to conform.

Most people have a powerful desire to fit in and a strong need to remain in good standing within their group or with their customers. Many believe that this can be achieved by conforming. What if success has nothing to do with conforming and everything to do with being different? The difference is not found in being better than others, but in acting from a space of confidence within. If you trust yourself, if you know what you know from the point of awareness, you can stand out of the crowd and give yourself permission to experiment and explore. You don’t need to mimic another person´s message or delivery style. You can find your own way and your own voice to deliver what is true for you. Where are the areas in your business in which you know you would do things different if someone would only let you? In which situations do you express ideas where others say, “that is not possible!” Or do you stay silent because you think that everyone will stop you? These are the areas in which you are different already. Go for it! Break the rules. No matter if they like you or not. One of ten new ideas will succeed.

  1. Look for possibilities not the right answer.

Once you are looking for the “right” answer you are automatically in judgement because you are comparing the past with the future. Doing so will not create something new. You are in the mode of right and wrong or good and bad. You are playing a win-lose game. What if there is no right way and no wrong way – just different points of view? What if everything you think, or you speak about could be an abundance of possibilities which gives yourself and others a totally new range from which to choose? What could be different in your life or in the lives of others if you could be the source of possibilities? Would that contribute to your success and to everyone else who comes in contact with you? A person who inspires others with possibilities is always welcome because this gives them space to explore themselves. If you do not act from fix point of view or the rightness of your opinion you are so welcome. With this ability as a consultant or speaker you will never run out of contracts. As a leader you will always be involved in strategic meetings because of your input.


  1. Love what you do!

There are so many people really not happy in the work they are doing, and as a result very often they are not doing great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Do you love and truly enjoy what you spend most of your time doing? When you do, you are incomparable! Have you ever seen exceptionally successful athletes, actors or artists who hate what they do?  Never! This is pne of the secrets to having your voice in the world and becoming succesful. Your energy delivers your message and when you love what you do everyone can perceive that. And when you emulate the possibility with joy attached to it, no one can resist. You will find new ways to connect with others, and you will find ways to deliver your message with the right words that will allow others to receive what you want them to receive.

What you truly love to do is normally what is easy for you. Contemplate on that. Write down everything what appears. What do I love to do? What is easy for me? Where can I use this to my advantage? Maybe you find out new ways to contact customer? Maybe you find a topic you want to speak about which opens up new business opportunities? What else is possible?


Be the question

Question, choice, possibility and contribution all come together. The questions you can ask are innumerable. The secret is they must be unlimited questions, which will open you to the infinite possibilities from which you can choose. And every choice you make will give you an awareness of the situation which you would not have gained by contextual questions, which means questions which have a conclusion attached. These unlimited questions continually open new possibilities. With that you have a wide range of different pictures for yourself and your audience. Here are the key questions to use:

  • What is possible here?

With this question you get access to the creative. You will find yourself with different ideas and your customers or audience will go beyond the edge of normalcy right along with you.

  • What choices do we have here?

With this question you or your colleagues or customers can take advantage of early warning signs in specific business areas. More than likely you will consider all options instead of assuming that everything will work out fine, just because it did once before.

  • What question can I ask that will expand my life or my business?

This open question alone will demonstrate your different approach when you ask this of those you do business with. You could also ask: What needs to change? And, what do we have to do differently?

  • What contribution can I/we be?

You know where you need to go in the future, so asking this question raises the ability to make decisions more efficiently and effectively.

Finding your own voice matters not only for you as a professional and individual, but it matters to everyone you work with, partner with, and provide business services too. So, what will it create if you find your voice in the world and really use it?