Access High Performance In Business Through Meditation

Access High Performance In Business Through Meditation

Beate Nimsky has been involved in energy work, consciousness-raising, and healthy nutrition for the past 30 years.

Coming from a corporate background, Nimsky shifted her trajectory after a debilitating car accident in 1987. She quit her career and dedicated her time to learning about various personality and competence development tools before founding the Institute for Intrinsic Competence with her husband Martin through which she helped others dissolve blockages and access their innermost potential.

Over the years, she has also completed various leadership courses, including Mastery University with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy’s Leadership and Sales Program, and training as a Senior Facilitator with Chinese Master Mantak Chia and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness. She also has a Master of Science degree in Coaching.

Today, Beate Nimsky is putting all her energy into BIOTONUS through which she helps others become self-employed by sharing her knowledge of corporate management and leadership. She is also one of the authors featured in the upcoming book, “Women Gone Wild: Intuition Edition”

Rhonda Swan: How did you get into the areas of leadership, management, and development?

Beate Nimsky: Some 33 – 35 years ago, I used not to be your average employee. I was the one who was always overdelivering. Then in 1987 I had a car accident that affected my spine and I was out of work for over five months. This ended up being the best thing that could have happened in my life. It was my wake-up call.

I went to a doctor who treated me with acupuncture, as well as chiropractic and homeopathic treatments. This was really unusual at the time. Everybody said, “You are crazy, go to a hospital” but he didn’t want me to do that. He ended up being my angel. He introduced me to the Chinese master Mantak Chia. This is when I experienced life force energy. My spine was still damaged but I felt this energy from the microcosmic orbit, like a heat wave running through my body and my whole being. I knew that I had to go deeper. I asked Mantak Chia whether I could be his student. And he said yes.

I ended up working with Mantak Chia for more than 10 years. That was the turning point because it was thanks to this energy that I healed myself and felt empowered enough to quit my management position in a car rental company in 1989.

At this point, I said to myself I have to bring this to the world. But in 1989 nobody wanted to hear about it. One day, I got a phone call from a past colleague who wanted to help teach the employees at his company different things. And this was the point when I started to combine my leadership knowledge with energy work and with meditation. We started with groups of 70 people in a company of 500 people. And then I was referred to other companies. Over the years, I have worked with more than 500 companies. I have CEOs in my coaching programs. Especially when there are mergers — when different cultures come together — I am there to help bring a new mindset.

Rhonda Swan: I think the fact that you are bringing energy frequencies and healing into the corporate area is a beautiful shift. And so I want to dig a little deeper into that because it can be said that one of the hardest things to do in life is expecting others to change. And the second is changing yourself. And so what is the fundamental principle that you turn to to help professionals sustain this type of individual transformation?How do you help them stay in that frequency?

Beate Nimsky: Yeah, going back to the so-called normal. What I do is I explain the importance of having the right mindset, consciousness, and being aware. And you know, I always try to give examples. My favorite example is satellites. A satellite receives and broadcasts. Every human being on this planet is like a satellite. We all receive and send information.

The whole universe is not an empty space; it is full of information. And now, it depends on every single person, how you set up your satellite. How you set up your mind to receive information for these things that are important to you; how you set your satellite to connect with the universe. This has a lot to do with intuition, the whisper of your inner voice, and the whisper of the universe. And if you try to listen to it, you become increasingly more aware. This is the process that I’m trying to get people to understand; that you receive and send information simultaneously.

Rhonda Swan: How easy do you think it is for CEOs and C-suites to recalibrate and stay in that space of high performance? Do you think there are societal issues that pull them back? How can we keep that level of performance up? 

Beate Nimsky: In modern society, there’s a tendency to want to fit in and not be different. But the main thing is, there are millions of people on the planet and we are already all different. So don’t be afraid to be bold and break the rules. What I discovered is that the younger leaders, and I think younger at the moment is around 35 – 40, tend to be more conscious and aware. It’s not an esoteric thing anymore. It’s not considered a cult thing anymore. It’s been proven scientifically. You can measure anything; you can measure your brain while you are meditating. I did this 30 years ago with Mantak Chia and they all said, “You’re crazy,” but it works.

And once you have these deep experiences, you are more willing to practice listening to yourself and listening to the whisper of the universe. In terms of the social part, when we take on negative energy from others and we feel cramped, we need to ask ourselves, “Who does this energy belong to?” Is it mine or does it belong to somebody else? Because it doesn’t have to have anything to do with your purpose, your inner strength, or your talents.

Rhonda Swan: You are now starting to create a new company. And I want to learn more about this because it’s such a bold statement to say, “Okay, I’m gonna take everything I’ve learned and I’m going to create something that’s going to also teach others how to create financial freedom and how to start their own businesses.” It’s a big responsibility. Can you tell me more about the project and how you got called to make such a drastic shift?

Beate Nimsky: My business partner Markus Goller once said, “I come from the financial side and you are coming from the leadership and energy work side. Why don’t we do something together?” And he already came up with the name for the company — BIOTONUS — and asked me what I thought when I heard it. And I said, “Wow, BIOTONUS has something to do with the body, with energy, with a wave, with the flow. I’m in.” So I was already in and this was nearly three years ago.

And we have a vision of helping bring people into their lives; into their joy and their happiness. The mission is to empower people to live in a wealthy, healthy, and happy way. Because when you are happy, everything works. And we want everybody who comes in touch with us and joins our network to create their life as they would like to have it, no matter the restrictions.

Rhonda Swan: I’m fascinated when someone takes their knowledge and uses it to create something, especially within this type of industry. So what is your product based on? People are sometimes negative about MLMs but they change people’s lives.

Beate Nimsky: Yeah, and this is a really cool market because it’s growing. It has to do with relationships and connections. And this is where I want to point out that we aren’t selling services or products, we are connecting — this is the main difference.

So what we are doing at BIOTONUS has three main parts. The first is personal development. With my knowledge, I help people build their own businesses and learn about the right mindset, energy work, and communication. I help them work out what kind of talent they have and what hinders them. And then we create sessions to help them change their belief systems.

The second part is the production of products that help people stay healthy. So, we have energy drinks, we have something for weight loss, and we have something for the skin. And the important part is that we work with professionals that are known all over the world. The products are all healthy and natural, and don’t contain any harmful ingredients.

The third part is that everybody who wants to join us has the possibility to become a part of the company. We have a special system where people can own shares in the company and obtain passive income from the dividends. We don’t have a top-down system. Instead, we have created a network. So everybody supports everybody.

Rhonda Swan: It’s so brilliant. I absolutely love what you’re doing. I mean, if you’re thinking about the mindset, the health, and now the wealth, that’s like a perfect combination. So how can people find out more about you? How do they find out more about how they can work with you, and be in this vibe of high energy and frequency?

Beate Nimsky: You can find out more about me and the network by visiting the BIOTONUS website. You can also reach out to me at Also, we are just starting within the Nimsky Academy, a 12-week program where I give leadership training and intuitive leader workshops.

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