2023’s Influential Leaders and Coaches Focused on Impact and Performance

2023’s Influential Leaders and Coaches Focused on Impact and Performance

By Annelise Sylta

In the words of renowned American coach, speaker, and author Tony Robbins, “Leaders spend 5 percent of their time on the problem and 95 percent of their time on the solution. Get over it and crush it!” In today’s ever-changing world, effective leaders and business owners must be able to quickly identify issues and provide precise solutions while keeping their teams motivated and engaged.

Robbins believes that everyone possesses personal power, yet not everyone knows how to harness it. Whether it’s self-doubt or a lack of motivation holding you back, a mentor can help unlock your full potential and drive you towards success. With this in mind, WILD presents the winners of the “High Impact Awards” for top peak performance coaches who are dedicated to elevating today’s impact-driven leaders using Robbins’ philosophy.

Kerri Anne Kedziora

Entrepreneur and mentor Kerri Anne Kedziora says that we are all destined for greatness, even if we don’t recognize it. Having started helping people who face physical, emotional, financial, and mental challenges find employment, Kedziora is the brains behind the Six Figure Master Plan. Drawing on her own experiences, Kedziora coaches cleaning business owners to overcome, or even completely sidestep, the obstacles most face in the first few years of business.

Hilary DeCesare

Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning business expert, an international best-selling author,
and the founder of both The ReLaunch Co. and The Fired Up Entrepreneur Signature Course. The former Silicon Valley CEO, widely recognized for her work in neuropsychology, uses her 3HQ methodology through her signature courses and private coaching to empower mid-life women to experience joy and reimagine what is possible personally and professionally. Over the years, she has helped thousands of women relaunch and reinvent their lives, businesses, and relationships.

Zahra Karsan

Zahra Karsan has spent the past three decades working to understand human behavior and peak performance so that we can be the best possible version of ourselves. She is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the book 6 Weeks to Happy and the creator of The R.E.W.I.R.E. System™, a groundbreaking methodology that retrains your brain for greater happiness, health, wealth, and success. Using tools from many fields of study, the 6 Weeks to Happy coaching program, and the R.E.W.I.R.E. System™, Karsan is transforming lives and helping corporations improve the health and well-being of their workforce. Karsan’s company, GetZENd, is about to launch the 6 Weeks to Workplace Wellness program to help organizations improve their employees’ mental and emotional health while boosting productivity and innovation.

Dr. Yasmine Saad

Dr. Yasmine Saad is an international best-selling author and a top-rated NYC licensed clinical psychologist who created the Inner Message Approach™. More specifically, she uses a unique process to reveal the wisdom hidden in people’s thoughts, desires, and emotions and helps them find their way to their best selves. Dr. Saad has been impacting the field of psychology for the past 15 years, teaching her “You See You™” method to psychologists so they can help impact-driven leaders get to the essence of who they are.

Kiri-Maree Moore

The founder and CEO of Decision Velocity Global, Kiri-Maree Moore, believes that it’s time to start making decisions that add to the human race, not subtract from it for future generations. Known as an innovator and a cutting-edge thinker, Moore has initiated The ONE Percent Movement to bring together billions of people committed to doing their 1% to shift the global dial forward by 2052.

Lezly Kaye

Lezly Kaye, from $60m entrepreneur and emotionally bankrupt. To nearly bankrupt and emotionally wealthy. Through embodying the modalities, she now uses to transform life with NLP, breathwork, hypnotherapy, and shadow work. Kaye helps you bring your life into full alignment. Today, Kaye teaches insatiable curiosity and zest for life. Over the coming 12 months, Kaye’s Grounded Leadership movement is expected to become globally known while giving back to her local community through empowerment initiatives.

Beate Nimsky

“It’s never too late to change the world,” says the founder of the Nimsky Academy, Beate Nimsky. Drawing on 35 years of experience, Nimsky runs online courses and coaching sessions to teach people how to tap into their spiritual abilities, their mental energy, and the realm of infinite possibilities. According to Nimsky, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what education you have, or what background you come from. What matter is the intention behind all your thoughts and actions.

Peter Cox

When Peter Cox (Coxey) launched a sales and marketing business with his wife in 1988, he never imagined it would grow into 29 countries. Encouraged by his global success, Coxey established Leadership Dynamics in 2004 to share his international leadership strategies. He coaches business owners, CEOs, and elite sporting coaches on how to build high-performance teams and culture. Coxey says, “The product is not the product – the product is your people.”

Ed JC Smith

According to the founder of Clients on Automation, Ed JC Smith, “integrity and trust are the most important elements in building your business online.” With this in mind, Smith teaches business owners to grow a client base by putting their potential clients first. Having extensively researched what others are doing in the market, Smith has refined his methodology to obtain optimal results.

Alex Tripod

Alex Tripod, international speaker and best-selling author, believes “When you make your frequency your #1 priority, everything shifts.” Tripod is a leading manifestation coach with a mission to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale. She supports impact-driven leaders and visionaries with powerful tools to rewire themselves and believes that becoming obsessed with raising your vibration is the key to quantum-shifting realities and manifesting the life you desire.

Danelle Delgado

Danelle Delgado spent the last 11 years carefully documenting and perfecting her program “The Making of a Millionaire” and built a fast-growing online business and business development training company that helps mentors individuals and large corporations. Danelle has been assisting leaders in learning how to overcome limitations, build mental and physical stamina and disprove doubts through her program and as the best-selling author of her book “I Choose Joy.”

Lady JB Owen

Lady JB Owen is the Founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing, a World-class Speaker, award-winning Publisher, Brand Builder, and Legacy Mentor. As a knighted Lady, she mentors global thought leaders, industry titans, and individuals of influence who are serious about creating impact to achieve their goals while positively raising the consciousness on the planet. Committed to igniting others to use their voice and be instrumental in global change. Owen believes “the most successful people make other people successful,”